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Are You A Lucky Man?

Do you consider yourself a fortunate enough man? I feel I am a very ordinary lucky of the people, I asked around some friends, some say that they feel good luck, some think that they’re bad luck, then what kind of people are good luck? Is there any way to become a person with good luck? Or is luck really metaphysics, that there is no way around it?

Today, while reading a book, I came across an article written by one of my favorite science writers. He told us that luck turns out to be something like this.

Researchers surveyed 185 college students about their views on luck, including two questions:

  • Are you willing to take a difficult job?
  • Can you stick to something?

Statistically, those who believed they were born with good luck were more willing to take on challenges and were more likely to stick it out.

To meet the challenges, but also to persist, are the valuable qualities of the strivers AH.

So is it that those who think they are lucky, not because we think the fates are always on their side, but because their good qualities allow them to have the good fortune that is rightfully theirs? It’s just a complement of positive feedback.

Richard Wiseman, a British psychologist, has found that there are three characteristics of Lucky people that we rush to learn.

The first is extroversion, like to chat with strangers, notice interesting things, and get new information;

The second is openness, a willingness to try new things, and a lack of fear of risk;

The third is a low level of neuroticism, which is not easy to anxiety, tension, and jealousy, which is not the impact of negative emotions.

Based on the above points, we can try to change our luck or improve our luck.

The first is to take part in some interesting activities and communicate with people more, because lucky people like to try new things, Bad Luck Talent Day and Night at which point repeat work;

The second is to be confident, they want to do, like things to do boldly, because the bad luck of the people still wants to be worth it, and the good luck of the people have tried;

The third is to remain optimistic, is to believe that their good luck, and dare to try;

The fourth is to find good things in bad things, is to think of good places, such as that half-cup of water, bad luck is to see only half cup, and Lucky people see is still half a cup.

In modern society, the economy is developed, but people feel lost freedom, the pressure of survival is huge, the mental pressure will naturally become bigger and bigger, and the working hours become longer, resulting in insufficient sleep time, coupled with the pressure from the leadership, it’s hard not to feel negative emotions if your work goes wrong again, so it’s important to adjust your mood. Luck is just like the Law of attraction or self-fulfilling prophecies, when you think you are lucky, good luck will follow you, good luck as if attracted to you.

Good luck, my friends!

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