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Do You Know The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival?

Dragon Boat Festival well-being!

Every country has its grand festivals, and China also has many traditional festivals. Every time there is a festival, shops and people will still bring out a sense of ceremony. Today is China’s dragon boat festival, with this day I would like to show you once again the charm of Chinese festivals.

The Dragon Boat Festival was first celebrated in the summer to drive away the god of plague and offer sacrifices to the dragon. It was also celebrated by the Ancients in Dragon Raja to honor Wu Zixu, Cao e, and Jie Zitui. Later, on this day, the Great Patriotic Poet Qu Yuan committed suicide by the river, so people regarded the dragon boat festival as a day to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, it was supposed to be a summer festival to ward off the plague. Dragon boat festival is the traditional festival of the Han people in our country, the day’s essential activities gradually evolved into eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging calamus artemisia, mugwort leaves, lavender, angelica dahurica, drinking realgar wine.

Qu Yuan is one of the greatest romantic poets in China. He is also one of the earliest known famous poets in our country and a famous cultural figure in the world. He created the style of”Chuci” . Representative works are“Lisao”, “Nine songs” and so on. In the history of our country, the dragon boat festival is in memory of Qu Yuan’s statement has been more than 1,500 years of history. According to legend, after Qu Yuan defected to Miluo River, the local people immediately rescued by boat, until Dongting Lake, never to see Qu Yuan’s body. Then, on a rainy day, the boats on the lake gathered together near the pavilion on the shore. When people learned that it was for the rescue of a wise minister, Dr. Qu, they once again set out in the rain, rushing to row into the vast Dongting Lake. In order to repose the grief, people paddle on the river, then gradually developed into a dragon boat race. The people were afraid that the fish in the river would eat his body, so they went home and threw rice balls into the river to prevent the fish and shrimp from spoiling Qu Yuan’s body.

Dragon boat racing

Dragon boat racing is the main custom of the dragon boat festival. The legend that it originated in ancient times, the people of the state of Chu because they could not bear to part with the wise minister Qu Yuan threw himself into the river and died. They chased them all the way to Dongting Lake. After the annual May 5 dragon boat to commemorate it. People use dragon boats to disperse fish from the river to avoid eating Qu Yuan’s body. The custom of competing is prevalent in Eastern Wu, Yue and Chu.

Eat Rice zongzi

Eating Zongzi on the dragon boat festival is another traditional custom of the Chinese people. Zongzi, also known as“Jiao Shu”, “Drum zongzi”. It has a long history and many styles. In the morning of the dragon boat festival, Families Eat Zongzi in memory of Qu Yuan. They usually wrap the zongzi the day before, cook it at night and eat it in the morning. Wrapping zongzi is mainly with the edge of the pond rich tender reed leaves, some areas also have the use of bamboo leaves, collectively known as Zongye. The traditional form of zongzi is triangular, and it is usually named after the flesh of the rice. The rice dumplings are called rice zongzi, the ones with small beans in them are called Vigna angularis Zong, and the ones with red dates are called zaozong. Zaozong is ’homophonic for“Early”, so eat Zaozong the most, intended to read children eat can be early in the first place. In the past, Chinese scholars had to eat jujube zongzi in the morning on the day of the imperial examination. So far, in the morning of middle school and Selectividad days, parents have to make jujube zongzi for candidates to eat, wishing them good schools.

The following is a production of rice zongzi video, I personally feel that the package is not very good, but roughly means that you can be interested in clicking to see it.

Wear perfume sachets

Dragon boat festival children wearing sachets, the legend of the intention to ward off evil (ancient people think that their disease is because of the Yōkai) , is actually used to decorate the lapel decoration. There are cinnabar sachets, realgar, incense medicine, outsourcing to silk cloth, fragrance overflowing, and then five-color silk string buckle into a rope, for a variety of different shapes, into a string, colorful, cute. In some cities in southern China, young men and women also use sachets to express their love.

This is the perfume bag that the child drew in the school yesterday, please everyone to appreciate it, aha!


Folk saying: “Qingming inserted willow, dragon boat inserted AI.”. In the dragon boat festival, people inserted Moxa and Calamus as one the important content. Every household swept the courtyard, to Calamus, moxa sticks inserted in the door eyebrow, hanging in the hall. And with Calamus, mugwort, pomegranate flowers, garlic, and dragon flower, made human-shaped or tiger-shaped, known as Ai Man, Ai Tiger; made Garland, accessories, beautiful fragrance, women strive to wear, to drive out malaria. Dragon Boat Festival is also an ancient tradition of the “Health Festival”, people on this day sprinkle sweep the yard, hang moxa branches, hang calamus, sprinkle realgar water, drink realgar wine, turbid removal decay, bactericidal disease prevention.

You see this is Moxa in front of my house, is the property for us to hang yesterday.

Zhong Kui

It is the custom of the dragon boat festival to catch ghosts. In the Jianghuai area, people hang Zhong Kui statues in their homes to ward off evil spirits. Kai-yuan Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, who came back from Mount Li with malaria, dreamed of two ghosts, one big and one small, wearing red crotch-less pants, stealing Yang Guifei’s sachet and the emperor’s jade flute and running around the palace. The Big Devils, wearing blue robes and hats, caught the little ones, gouged out their eyes and swallowed them. The Ming Emperor asked, and the big ghost said, “My name is Zhong Kui, and I’m willing to kill Demons for Your Majesty.”. When the Ming Emperor woke up, he was cured of malaria. So Wu Daozi, a painter, painted a picture of Zhong Kui catching ghosts as he had seen in his dream. He ordered the whole world to post it at the dragon boat festival to ward off evil spirits.

Hang purses and colorful silk thread

In ancient China, five colors were revered, and five colors were considered auspicious colors. Therefore, on the holiday morning, the adults get up after the first bad thing is in the children’s wrists, ankles, necks tied in five-colored lines. It is forbidden for children to speak when tying a line. The five-color line can not be arbitrarily broken or discarded, only in the first summer rain or the first bath, thrown into the river. It is said that children wearing the five-colored thread can avoid the harm of snakes and scorpions; throwing them into the river means that the river will wash away the plague and disease so that the children can be safe and sound. Some say that can let the five-colored silk thread thrown into the river into the dragon, take away the plague and disease.

Order realgar wine

Realgar is also a kind of medicine, it is said to kill 100 poisons. So during the dragon boat festival, people in Shaanxi will soak realgar in wine and put realgar wine on children’s ears, nose, forehead, wrists, ankles, etc. , this practice can make mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions, centipedes, geckos, spiders, and other body.

Eat five poisonous cakes and draw five poisonous pictures

The five poisons are toads, snakes, centipedes, scorpions, and geckos. On this day, people put five kinds of poisonous insects on the cake, and eat them on the same day to avoid the plague brought by these kinds of poisonous insects.

Littlety hope you all Dragon Boat Festival well-being!

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