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Do Your Family Own These Appliances?

More and more feel that our lives can not be separated from some gadgets–small home appliances, with them, not only convenient for our work and life but also make happiness soar.

However, many kinds of household appliances are on the market now, leading to many impractical household appliances coming into the home.

Therefore, this article is to introduce you to 6 very practical household appliances. With these 6 kinds of household appliances, home life is basically inseparable, with a good sense of well-being will be bursting.

The first one I recommend is the wall breaker.

My personal opinion is that the wall-breaking machine is actually an updated version of the traditional soya-bean milk machine.

Therefore, the wall-breaking machine is still very worth having.

The Wall Breaker offers two advantages:

Every morning you can drink a cup of hot porridge or soya-bean milk. Because we put in soybeans or other grains in advance, the next morning you can drink a cup of hot porridge or soy milk.

Easy to use. Now the wall-breaker used is very simple. As long as the beans and rice are washed in it, and then set a good time with the phone, the next morning you can directly drink soymilk or porridge.

Buying Guide:

  1. The breaking-wall machine has a significant defect with a lot of noise. So when choosing, be sure to listen to the noise. If the noise is thunderous, we do not recommend buying, Littlety provides our customers with a quiet breaking-wall machine.
  2. Function: wall-breaking machine, we must personally try. Suggested that we choose a machine with functions that is simple, and practical. Do not choose a particularly pompous, particularly complex function of the wall breaker.

Living at home is generally inseparable from the kettle.

And here I suggest you this kind of water kettle.

It has the following advantages:

  1. Drink with burn, according to the amount of water, and easy to use.
  2. The price is low. Generally, a few dollars can buy a good one, so the cost-effectiveness is relatively high.

Buying Guide:

When purchasing water kettles, we try to choose some brand-name thermostats. Because the price of a well-known brand is not very expensive, can afford to buy it.

For household appliances, the third suggestion that we start is the rice cooker.

Today’s electric rice cookers are no longer traditional rice cookers. They can cook almost anything, from soup and porridge to sweetmeats and cakes, not to mention all kinds of rice.

Rice cookers have the following advantages:

  1. Smart, easy to use, one-click finish, halfway can be opened at any time (unlike pressure cookers).
  2. Cleaning is convenient, because of the special treatment of the bladder, which almost can be easily washed with water to remove any spices and oil stains;
  3. Technology is more mature. Now there are a variety of brands and a variety of styles. So we have more options

Buying Guide:

1. For electric rice cookers, make sure you buy from a big manufacturer. Because the big factory is for well-known brand processing, the failure rate is very low, and the sense of use will be more satisfactory.

2. Choose the price of the middle of the upper, after all, you get what you pay for.

Mini fridge

The fifth piece of household appliance that we are strongly advised to buy is the mini-fridge.

The so-called mini-fridge is now widely used in hotel rooms is the electronic refrigerator, limited to place drinks and beer, tea, and other products, because it is completely silent, so suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

The mini-fridge corresponds to the traditional kitchen fridge.

And the reason I recommend the mini-fridge to you is also based on the following reasons:

  1. It’s easier to get things. Like a traditional large refrigerator, if full, it is very difficult to find things. The small refrigerator capacity is limited, the first choice is just to put drinks. Very easy to find, at a glance.
  2. For all occasions. Small refrigerators, both in appearance and in storage, are very advantageous.

Buying Guide:

  1. As the use of non-family occasions, is more suitable for single apartments, and bedrooms, we buy a small refrigerator, as far as possible to choose a completely silent electronic refrigerator or absorption refrigerator.
  2. Choose the size of the small refrigerator, the general choice of 40L is enough.

Electric fan (air circulation fan)

The sixth suggestion that we start is the electric fan, of course, here,  the suggestion is that we start with the air circulation fan.

The reason why we suggest you buy an air-cycle fan is mainly to consider the following issues:

  1. An air circulation fan is more suitable for the elderly and children in the home, because the role of an air circulation fan is to let the air flow up and make people feel more comfortable, rather than just letting the indoor temperature down.
  2. For some hot areas and seasons, we may need to turn on the air conditioning all day, if the use of an air circulation fan is more effective, to some extent more energy saving and more environmentally friendly.

Buying Guide:

Choose an air circulation fan as far as possible to buy a large factory with production experience to ensure the reliability of quality.

Air Fryer

The last one to say, it is also suggested that we start with household appliances is the air fryer.

Air Fryer, we are no strangers, it can be said that every household must have.

The air fryer functions to achieve:

  1. Very convenient to use. For example, if we have some unfinished hamburgers or pizza, it is convenient to use the air fryer heat.

2. Cheap, durable. Like an air fryer, you can get it for a few dollars. It is also very durable and almost indestructible, so one must be bought to keep at home.

Buying Guide:

1. If you are going to buy an oven, it is recommended that you consider a one-size-fits-all oven. Because the micro-steam oven has both the function of the air fryer and oven, but the price is relatively high.

2. If you’re just going to use the steam grill, and the budget is tight, you might as well buy an air fryer.

We have been immersing ourselves in the product experience from the user’s point of view, and have eliminated many flashy, unnecessary appliances. We hope that you will be with us in the future, and we hope that Littlety will bring you more surprising products, from the view of practical, high-quality to serve the public.

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