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How Does a Hair Dryer…?

We use hairdryers almost every day, but do you know how hairdryers work? What are the types? What new features have been added? How to use it correctly? Let’s take a look today.

A Hair Dryer is a set of heating wires and a high-speed combination of small fans. When electrified, the electric heating wire can produce heat, the wind which the fan blows passes the electric heating wire, becomes the hot wind. If only a small fan rotation and electric heating wire are not hot, then blowing out of the wind is not hot.

The wind blowing out of the hair dryer is dry, if used for too long, it is easy to cause moisture loss, causing heat damage, the damage to the lowest secret is: Dry Hair with a towel first, brush your hair gently with your hands, then use a hair dryer.

·Commerical: hotels, barbershops(Professional);

·Homes, portable set;

General cold-warm-hot air/overheat protection;

Barbershops because of the need to control time, need to dry quickly, so the general power is larger;

Some of them are wall-mounted to protect the hotel’s property and space, and some of them have razor-charging hair dryers provided by Littlety, which is convenient for the traveling men

Now on the market, there are many hair dryers advertised with negative ion function, then, what’s the difference between negative ion hair dryers and ordinary ones? Let’s go on.

  • The twos are configured differently

The negative ion one is mainly equipped with a negative ion generator and a semiconductor refrigeration device, so that, hair dryers can produce negatively charged ion particles (produced by the negative ion generator) and water vapor particles (produced by semiconductor refrigeration devices) , and the hair often positive charge, and thus smooth hair, make it smooth, but also to eliminate static electricity. Ordinary hair dryers do not have this device, there is no such function.

  • Different functions

Ordinary hair dryers will be heated in the work, blowing out the wind to dry the hair, and the use of a comb is unavoidable, so the hair very easy to produces static electricity, and static electricity will make the hair shape, bend, or tilt, negative ion fan inside according to the design of special mesh line, (or negative ion generator) blowing out of the wind with negative ions, will not produce static electricity, thus not hurt the hair.

  • Work Differently

A negative ion generator is a device to generate negative air ions, the device will input DC or AC EMI circuit and lightning protection circuit after treatment, through the pulse circuit, over-voltage current limit; High and low voltage isolation, and other lines to AC high voltage, and then through a special grade of electronic materials after the rectification filter to get pure DC negative high voltage, DC negative high voltage connected to metal or carbon production release, high Corona is produced by DC High Voltage, and a large number of electrons are released at high speed.

How to use a hair dryer properly

After washing the hair, wipe the excess water with a dry towel, divide the hair, and fix the outer hair on the top of the head with a clip. Because it will dry your hair better;

The hair on the top of the head is removed and divided into two parts to be dried, combed into the hair with both hands and then dried with a hair dryer;

The following part of the hair is divided into two sides, will be 5 fingers extended into the hair, combing from head to tail with fingers, while using a hair dryer;

Divide the side of the hair into two parts, with the ears as the boundary. Use a reel comb to slowly comb the hair from the roots to the ends. Place the hair dryer on the side to supply air. The hair behind the ears is treated in the same way.

It’s like the barber in the barber shop blowing out our hair.

In the use of the hair dryer, we must pay attention to:

In order to make the hair dryer play the role of drying and shaping should be effectively, to achieve the correct reasonable and safe use, extend the life of equipment, so in the hair should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) the hair dryer must be used at the power supply voltage specified on the nameplate. The three-wire power supply for the hair dryer should be properly connected to the ground wire.

(2) the inlet and outlet of the blower must be unobstructed when the blower is used, otherwise it will not achieve the use effect and cause overheating and burn out the appliance.

(3) for drying wet hair, the hair dryer outlet should be a certain distance from the hair (not less than 50mm) to prevent clogging of the outlet and scorched hair. At the same time to avoid drying hair when the water vapor influences the insulation caused by leakage, so keep a certain distance is important for safety.

(4) before the end of the use of the hair dryer, try to make the hair dryer first from“Hot” to“Cold” to switch off the power of the heating elements. The remaining heat of the electric heating element is then blown out by the cold air to lower the internal temperature of the hair dryer, and then all the power is cut off. In this way, the internal insulation aging of the hair dryer can be slowed down and the service life can be extended. At the same time when placed on the table is not easy to burn other objects.

(5) the hair dryer should not be used continuously for too long, and should be used intermittently to avoid overheating of electric heating elements and motor and burnout. When the hair dryer is not used, it should be placed in a dry place, avoid placing it in the open or wet place, when it is taken out after a long period of time, it should first check the insulation resistance, in accordance with the requirements before normal use, in order to ensure the use of personal safety. Because of the dust in the air, although many hair dryers installed the air inlet screen, to protect, but can not prevent the dust particles are very small, and not all hair dryers have filter screen cloth. To this end, dust must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging of air ducts and damage to components.

(6) do not throw the hair dryer at will. The electric heating element and the motor will be damaged by the mechanical impact. At the same time, do not disassemble it easily to avoid damaging the components. In order to ensure the normal use of the hair dryer, the bearing part of the motor and other rotating parts should be regularly filled with oil, but not too much oil, so as not to flow into the coil and cause trouble.

Hair dryers are already small household appliances that we can’t leave in our lives, and there are a variety of different products on the market. I hope you can choose one that suits you and use it correctly.

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