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How Does A Rice Cooker Know When The Rice Is Done?

In addition to China, there are more than 1.8 billion people in the world who eat rice as their staple food, and that number is increasing year by year, such as India, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea in Southeast Asia, and Gambia in West Africa, prior to colonial rule, Rice was a staple food of the people. Guinea does not produce rice, but the local people eat rice as a staple food. African countries, such as Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Senegal, rely on rice as a staple food. Before the appearance of electric rice cookers, rice is usually cooked on an open flame, need to always pay attention to whether the rice is cooked, but also always worry about whether the rice is cooked. The advent of electric cookers has greatly shortened the time and energy people spend on cooking. Now the rice cooker in addition to cooking, can also cook porridge, stew, and steamed vegetables, and some even have the function of french fries! The rice cooker has become an indispensable household appliance.

Rice cookers unlike people can taste the taste of rice, there is no eye that can tell whether the rice is cooked, it is how to know the rice cooked? The secret lies in a magnet. At room temperature, the magnet has a strong magnetic force, but when the temperature rises to a certain value, the magnetic force of the magnet will disappear. For a typical magnet, the temperature is about 103 degrees. With this feature, the rice cooker can ensure that the rice is cooked well.

Inside the rice cooker, there are two sets of circuits, a heating circuit and a set of insulation circuits. At the beginning of cooking, the cooker’s temperature is lower, and the magnetic steel has strong suction. It can hold the switch of the heating circuit and keep the heating circuit open, the rice cooker begins to heat up the rice. When the rice is almost ready, the water in the cooker will evaporate. The temperature in the cooker will be slightly higher than 100 ° C. When the temperature rises to 103 °C, the magnet finally can’t stand the high temperature, the magnetic force dropped so much that there was no longer any force to hold the circuit switches. As a result, the heating circuit is turned off and the temperature of the cooker begins to drop. The 103-degree option is important because at this temperature all the water in the cooker evaporates, but the rice does not burn.

Here is the schematic diagram.

After cooking rice, if you need a long time of heat preservation, the principle is very similar to the heating circuit, but the insulation circuit is through the oboe to control the circuit on and off. A double reed is made of two pieces of metal that can deform with a change in temperature. Due to the different deforming abilities of the two pieces of metal, with the change in temperature, the rapidly deforming piece of metal will press the other piece of metal to bend, thus, the circuit can be turned on and off. Generally, the deformation temperature of the oboe is about 60 ° C, which can ensure the good taste of the rice.

Here I insert a video from Youtube, it is a vivid explanation of the principle.

Since the double reed can also control the circuit on and off, why not use the double reed instead of magnetic steel? This is because the reed is so sensitive to changes in temperature that it closes the circuit at a temperature above 60 ° C and turns it on at a temperature below 60 ° C. Using reeds instead of magnets will result in the cooker being switched at around 60 ° C, which will not only burn the rice but also consume electricity and shorten the life of the rice cooker.

In the past, our restaurants paid attention to the taste and variety of the dishes. With the development of the economic level and the continuous improvement of People’s living standards, the requirements are also getting higher and higher. Many businesses have already not only considered the delicious dishes, but more and more attention has been paid to the taste of rice. Today’s rice cookers have become more advanced and intelligent. There are many restaurants in China that focus on the good taste of rice, they use good rice and good rice cookers to make better rice to attract and retain customers. I have to say, good rice not only looks appetizing, but it’s also true that a lot of customers will keep coming because of the taste of the rice.

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