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How To Decorate The Kitchen?

People all over the world know that Chinese people are very particular about food, breakfast, dim sum, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Although there are now many prepared dishes, fast food, take-out, and small kitchen appliances when it’s a holiday or an important day, a formal kitchen with a full table is a way to honor the occasion.

So if you ask me about a house, what’s the most important place for any family member, my answer will be the kitchen, no doubt.

Kitchen renovations are no small thing, assuming 2 hours of kitchen use per day (which, in my experience, is more than enough), close to 29,200 hours over 40 years, which means spending about 10 years of your life in the kitchen.

Therefore, in order to return time to life, the kitchen is also the most important decoration.

This is my home kitchen, the whole still needs to improve, such as the wall collection is not good enough, small appliances space location is not very good if I give a kitchen, you can decorate better.

  • Choose an open or closed kitchen according to the cooking style

The daily cooking process will produce a large number of harmful fumes on the human body, so choose an open or closed-type kitchen, depending on the size of the fumes.

If the home stir-fry or fried cooking scene, consider the closed kitchen. On the contrary, not often cooking, eating light, can choose open kitchen.

For most Chinese-style homes, there is definitely a need for a closed kitchen.

When communicating with designers in the early stage, as Chinese, we didn’t hesitate. Even though we don’t fire often, there are always important days when we need to fire. There are always dear mothers firing for us, there is always a critical time to fire with friends.

  • The cooking area is low and the preparation area is high

There is one thing in China that I don’t think is very good, that is, the person who always comes into the kitchen is always the same. Most of them are mothers, even if the father has nothing particularly important to do at the moment, or has nothing at all, hope that the future of the kitchen is everyone in the family, each member has the obligation to prepare a meal.

The height of the kitchen table affects the comfort of people in the process of washing, cutting, and frying vegetables. The cooking area should be shorter so that you don’t have to put your arms around yourself to cook. The food preparation area is slightly high, so that when chopping vegetables and cleaning things, you don’t have to bend over to save effort.

The best height of the table is 85 ~ 90cm. When the actual height is determined, the operator can raise the forearm horizontally and return 10 ~ 15cm from the elbow.

Hope that after the lifting operation table, according to the height of people in the kitchen adjust the height of the table.

  • The necessary electrical appliances or need to buy electrical appliances, determine the size of the model in advance

Kitchen appliances affect the later decoration of water and electricity reservation and cabinet design, if not measured in advance, late easy to appear deviation, resulting in delays and economic losses.

At present, there are many small appliances on the market, just like many small kitchen appliances provided by Littlety. Some are necessary, such as rice cookers, induction cookers, etc. . Some are not necessary, but they will bring happiness to life, for example, Air Fryers, broken wall machines, and so on, as far as possible before making cabinets and arranging sockets to investigate what is needed to buy, and properly arranged in the corresponding location, in this way, the kitchen can still be properly installed after the later check-in, just a strip, rather than a lot of small appliances are stacked on the counter, looks a mess.

  • A socket with a switch

When we cook in the kitchen, our hands are often stained with water or oil, the choice of socket with a switch, rather than a hand back and forth plug, can reduce safety risks, for the safety of the family, this little thing is very good to use.

  • Wall storage

There are many kitchen sundries, many pots and bottles of oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar as well as various kitchen hardware, general kitchen space is not too big, want to keep the space clean, storage is essential. In addition to the installation of cabinets, wall storage is also very important. The utility model can install an object rack, place a hook on the wall surface, etc. to receive the sundries frequently used.

  • Be sure to install a dishwasher

China’s dishwasher penetration is still very low, but I can tell you firsthand that The Dishwasher is actually cleaner than you think, and it saves water and hopefully time.

The Dishwasher uses a stream of hot, high-pressure water at temperatures of up to 70 degrees C, coupled with a rotating spray arm, to repeatedly wash dishes with a column of water that not only disintegrates oil, but also kills most bacteria such as Escherichia coli.

The Dishwasher is a great companion in the kitchen. Don’t miss it.

The above are some of my personal real experiences and ideas, I hope to help you, and don’t forget that Littlety has been providing good services and good products for everyone.

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