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How To Find The Best Supplier For Home Appliance In China?

Once again, China is the workshop of the world, with tens of millions of similar products found on different platforms. As an importer of small appliances, how can you find the right supplier? Today we discuss with you from certain angles, hoping to be of some help to you.

China now not only has many factories, but also many factory-trading companies, even only trade companies. For example, Littlety is a foreign trade company that has cooperated with factories for a long time. Most importers hope to find factories, because it maximizes the price, but I think a lot of people have noticed that there are still a lot of people going around the factory, looking for foreign trade companies like Littlety, from my experience, the main reasons are as follows:

1. In the early stage of much detailed work, trading companies can act as importers in the domestic factory coordinator, trading companies are also a large extent from here to earn profits;

2. For grocers or some projects, due to the variety of products, if docking foreign trade companies, customers can use part of the money for a single job, do not have a person docking many products of the factory, this is certainly a worthwhile business.

3. Foreign trade companies are relatively more professional than factories in the service of the foreign trade process, after all, factories and foreign trade companies focus on different points;

In conclusion, I think small importers, grocers, or products for a particular industry, but different types of products, are also more suitable for foreign trade companies, such as our home appliances, because usually, an electrical appliance is corresponding to a manufacturer.

I don’t know if you have anything else to add.

So how does the average importer find the right supplier in China?

1. Cast a net to search. A Google search or the Alibaba search can reveal thousands of manufacturers, looking at price ranges and factory photos and culling a selection

2. Site visit. If you have time, a field trip is the best, but at the right price, also can take samples from the quality of testing and comparison, here you can delete some of the suppliers who do not meet you;

3. Screening of willingness to cooperate. If you find a few at the right price, style, and you need to confirm the willingness to cooperate. Willingness to cooperate is also an important factor that small and medium-sized sellers tend to ignore when looking for suppliers, because if the willingness to cooperate is not strong, you may stare at him to make goods, like begging him, all kinds of delays, instability, and eventually entrapped himself.

4. Lower the minimum order. Small and medium-sized sellers want to start the quantity as small as possible, the price is also low, but that often can not reach both, this time you need to use negotiation skills, because we want to ensure cash flow, so there can not be too much inventory backlog, after all, to selling product is a lot of factors.

How to negotiate lower prices and lower orders?

This skill is very important, that is: The Price is a psychological game, each other to test each other’s psychological bottom line. What’s the price down on? Pressure is profit point, cost 100 pcs, 140 supply to you, gross profit is 40. Your quantity is bigger, perhaps 120 can take down. Cutting the profit point in half is a big deal.

The same goes for the price. For example, if the other side said 100, you said 70, look at the other side of the reaction, if he said a lot, meaning that it is absolutely impossible to cooperate, you are too insincere, you are looking for trouble. Then you go up, say 75, and see how he reacts. If the willingness to cooperate is strong, his words will have a little flexibility, and there is room for negotiation.

Even if you have been screened, identified the most hope to work with his only supplier, but also to negotiate seriously to maximize the favorable price and options.

5 dimensions to judge a quality supplier

1. Product Innovation. E-commerce platform sales, and consumer demand upgrade is very fast, with you sensitive to observing the direction of the product trends, and rapid development of the supplier, for the seller is a powerful plus.

2. Cost control. The life cycle of a product, from the early blue sea supply and demand, to the late price war constantly eliminates peers, for the cost of control determines how long you can survive.

3. Quality reliability. Product quality directly determines the buyer evaluation, as well as the after-sales return rate, not only directly linked to profits, but also determines whether the product can go to explosion. (poor quality, bad reviews, and new product links will soon be abandoned. Spent on selection, planning, testing, burning cars, brush bill human and financial resources are all wasted)

4. Services. Product features, page planning, customer service, after-sales maintenance, returns to the factory, and other services, at the beginning of the negotiations do not forget, must be written in the contract, a constraint on the supplier.

5. Degree of willingness to cooperate. Willingness to cooperate can affect the negotiation, product innovation follow-up speed, pre-sale service and so on all processes are smooth or not. Before they cooperated, we should pass on the manufacturers that did not have a strong desire to cooperate. No matter how low their prices were, they could not be chosen. Otherwise, if they did not work hard in the later stages, the sellers would be angered to death.

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