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How to Make Our World Green?

Hello, everybody. Today, let’s talk about green energy resources.

Recently, the weather in Ningbo (Zhejiang) has suddenly become very hot. Air-conditioning is indispensable, but air-conditioning contains Freon. Thinking about the fact that in summer in China, you need to use air-conditioning day and night for at least three months, in fact, the impact on the environment is quite serious, and then there is the enormous amount of electricity (in the summer, Chinese factories are almost always going to have power rationing problems, as many customers know). In fact, it is easy to get sick in an air-conditioned room in hot weather, because of the lack of air circulation (Chinese medicine, foreign friends may have heard of Chinese medicine, but we do not say how much science is based on, but do stay in such an environment for a long time will be dizzy, I experienced).

Facing the vast energy of the Sun, many scientists and environmental protection personnel are devoted to the research of solar energy, which brings hope to the environment and a different breath to the market, such as solar fans.

Solar fans have undoubtedly become a hot new energy product, because the use of household electric fans is very widespread.

It is a fan that runs on solar energy. It uses solar panels or photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electricity, which drives a fan. These fans are often designed to be portable, can be used outdoors, and do not require an external power supply.

The principle of solar fans is very simple. Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current, which is stored in a built-in battery or fed directly to a fan motor. The electricity is driven by a motor that spins the blades, creating wind power. Some solar fans also have a charging function that allows them to charge other devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, through solar panels.

The advantages of solar fans include the following:

Environmental Protection and energy conservation: solar energy is a renewable energy source, the use of solar fans can reduce dependence on traditional electricity, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Portable design: solar fans are usually designed to be portable and easy to carry and use. You can take it outdoors, camping, field activities, and other places to use.

Independent Power Supply: solar fans do not need external power supply, only need sunlight to work properly. This makes it useful in the absence of power supply or in the event of a power outage.

Charging function: some solar fans have a charging function that can provide power to other devices, increasing their utility.

However, solar fans have some limitations:

Need Sunlight: solar fans need plenty of sunlight to perform at their best. In cloudy days or indoor environment, the effect is poor.

Depending on weather conditions: weather conditions have a greater impact on the operation of solar fans. Fans may not work well on rainy days or nights.

Limited power: solar fans are generally low in power and wind power may not be as strong as traditional electric fans.

Overall, the solar fan is an environmental protection, portable, and independent power supply equipment, suitable for outdoor use and to cope with power outages. Sunlight conditions limit its effectiveness, so it is necessary to consider the actual environment and needs when choosing to use it.

In fact, Littlety’s original vision was to find healthy, green, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly products for our customers, which is why we have solar fans, which are homemade and ubiquitous enough to be our first line of business, we very much welcome the consultation cooperation. After the introduction of new energy-saving and environmental protection of good electrical appliances.

We believe that Green will be the eternal theme.

Energy saving, emission reduction, and low-carbon environmental protection, there is always a need for the national release of documents, the relevant departments to supervise implementation, in fact, too many things we should do in life, such as:

  1. About saving electricity and water: air-conditioning temperature is consistent and recommended 27 degrees, do not turn on the lights during the day (except under special circumstances), the number of lights, some office lights countless, in fact, do not necessary, recommended interval switch on the lights, The three tubes in a light box can be controlled separately, and all the first ones can be formed into a set of controls… This can save a lot of electricity;
  2. Water saving: I think that is the recycling of water, hand-washing can flush the toilet, washing vegetables can water the flowers and so on.
  3. Paper saving: as much as possible to e-mail exchange, printing double-sided and the used blank space can be used as post-it notes; save toilet paper(the kind of hands use), one piece is enough.

Just please let’s together, make our world become green.

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