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How To Market For Small Appliances?

As is known to all, China is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of small household appliances. As foreign importers become more and more strict,  the quality of the products has steadily increased, and small profits and more marketable, meanwhile maintaining competitive prices, the data shows that items that export to Asian countries have been living up in recent years, and according to my own research, the figures for Indian, Pakistani and Nigerian countries, in particular, have shot up.

But how can you, as an importer, a distributor, and especially a retailer, get your product out and get your customers to choose you over thousands of other products?

Recently, I conducted a user profile survey on the category of small household appliances based on the data of our sales platform in China, such as the number of orders, the number of product views, and the number of searches, I hope there is a little inspiration for you retailers.

The following three dimensions to analyze: the household appliance consumer group user portrait, the basic attributes of users and users’ shopping behavior attributes.

  • User’s sex and age

The majority of consumers of household appliances are men, but there is no significant difference between the number of female consumers, and the majority of consumers of small household appliances are in the age of 25-35 range, younger users under 25 and older users over 45 are less, from this age group analysis, in fact, you can roughly know that similar to the Article I shared earlier, is that many small appliances are for children.

Here’s a look at the data to see if there’s a direct correlation between small appliances and marriage and whether or not you have children.

Sure enough, nearly 70% of consumers are married, and those who buy small appliances are more likely to have children.

  • User education level

It can also be clearly seen from various data that the vast majority of consumers are people with college degrees and higher education levels, and most consumers are engaged in white-collar work, higher-paying jobs such as teaching, and the Internet.

  • Description of the user-base properties

It can be seen from the data that the typical users of small household appliances are: generally male, aged between 25 and 30, with children, college degree or above, living in first-and second-tier cities, engaged in the Internet industry, the comparative pursuit of quality of life, pay attention to the family concept.

Therefore, we can start from this point, the launch of promotional activities text: highlight the product to improve the quality of family life.

  • The purchasing behavior attribute of the user

According to the order data in 2022, electric fans are the most popular category (it is summer in China) , so should we do the promotion of electric fans before summer, if the promotion is at the end of the summer or after the end of the summer, it should choose other categories of seasonal categories.

  • Split order data from the time dimension

We also from a week of data can be seen, the order time is Tuesday and Saturday, but Wednesday orders are minimum. Based on daily hourly orders, between 10 am and 11 am (break time after working for a period of time), users placed the most orders between 20-22 pm (after dinner, during leisure time, and during live streaming on general e-commerce platforms) and 0 pm (many young people are used to staying up late or working).

This time point is also compared to the general law of China.

The sensitivity of small household appliance users to promotion

Most consumers of small household appliances have high sensitivity to promotion activities. It is suggested that appropriate promotion should be determined to ensure the quality of the promotion activities.

  • Household appliance consumer comment sensitivity

The vast majority of small appliance consumers are extremely sensitive to product reviews. This shows that small household appliance consumers value the product’s reputation and use feedback very much, belong to the user who pays great attention to quality, and can choose the products with high evaluation and many comments on the promotion selection, in the activities of the text can reflect the promotion of the word-of-mouth products.

So I came to the conclusion that if the product promotion in China, home appliances consumer characteristics:

Most of the men from the first-and second-tier cities, aged 30 or so, married, have children, education level is higher, engaged in the Internet, teachers, and other high-income industries. They like to place their orders around 10 am and 10 pm and 0 pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They pay attention to the promotion of products, like the pursuit of Taste of life, and have a good word-of-mouth product.

  • Suggestions for promotional activities

Copywriting: non-gender style copywriting, highlighting the quality of family life for the promotion of products, highlighting the word-of-mouth

Products: pay attention to the quality of publicity and word-of-mouth products

When the event is suggested for social media feeds at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays

In fact, this type of analysis is certainly well known and has been seen on various platforms, but more importantly, each of us is a consumer, a user, a manufacturer, and a supplier, I need to analyze the product from the user’s point of view to understand what the consumer really wants. As a consumer, I’ve learned that if you have children at home, small appliances are essential, and will save time for mothers to bring convenience, for this point, do you have a better marketing plan or copywriting?

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