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TY-12ZL(Air Circulator Fan)

1. 220V
2. Power: 2-22W
3. Touch style
4. Standing Model: 330*330*960mm
Table Model: 330*330*555mm

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Air Circulator Fan

What is the air circulation fan?

An air circulation fan is a kind of fan that can accelerate indoor air circulation. After opening, it can stir and diffuse the turbidity of indoor air, so as to make the indoor air more fresh. Its purpose is not to blow people, but to blow air, so the air circulation fan is also known as the blender in the air, noisy, but also has many advantages, such as low power consumption, health, blowing out the wind is more comfortable than air conditioning.

What are the advantages of air circulation?

1. The air circulation fan is more comfortable than the ordinary fan, and it is mainly blowing the turbidity of the air, the turbidity of the air to the outside, so that the indoor air circulation is maintained in a comfortable state. It never blows directly on you, but it gives you a cool feeling.
2. Whether the air circulator is placed in the bedroom or the living room, it can drive the airflow. If there is air conditioning in the room, the air circulation can also be used together with the air conditioning.
3. Air circulation fan is more space-saving, you can observe the appearance of the air circulation, its appearance is like a small mini electric fan, placed on the table can also be very space-saving.
4. Air circulation fan can achieve better ventilation at home, which is much better than opening Windows.


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