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1. Voltage 100V 120V 240V
2. Power: 1500W
3. Dimensions
·Single unit: 150x160x440mm
·NET weight:3.1kg
·Removable water tank capacity: 550mL
4. Patented trice atomization technology provides delicate high-temperature dry steam, which can perfectly remove wrinkles in a single ironing
5. Unique soleplate temperature control technology, coupled with ceramic spraying technology, no need to adjust the temperature of the iron
6. Soleplate temperature 120-150 degree Celsius, steam temperature130-170 degree Celsius
7. 6 power modes; adjustable steam for a variety of fabrics
8. Unique self-cleaning and pulse steam function
9. Suitable for all kind of fabrics
10. Steams away dust, wrinkle, stains, grease, grime, odors and sanitizing and disinfect the clothing
11. The steam flow rate can reach 40g/min.


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