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The Use of Solar Energy

The utilization of solar energy includes photothermal Utilization, power generation utilization, photochemical utilization, and fuel utilization.

  • Use of Light and Heat

The basic principle of photothermal utilization is to collect solar radiation energy and convert it into heat energy through interaction with matter. At present, the most used solar collectors, are mainly flat-plate collectors, vacuum tube collectors, ceramic solar collectors, and focus collectors.

  • Power Generation

Power Generation, the future large-scale use of solar energy is used to generate electricity. And there are many ways to make electricity from the Sun. Now that Littlety has introduced a solar fan, a new, eco-friendly home appliance for solar-rich countries, we hope to offer more solar-powered appliances to our customers in further years.

  • Photochemical Utilization

Photochemical utilization is a kind of light-chemical conversion method that can directly decompose water to produce hydrogen by solar radiation. It includes photosynthesis, photoelectrochemical action, photosensitive chemical action and photodecomposition reaction.

  • Fuel Utilization

Since June 2011, the European Union has been working on“Solar” fuels, using water and carbon dioxide as raw materials and using the heat energy provided by sunlight.

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