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What Are The Differences Between Juicers VS Food Processors VS Wall-breaking Machines?

Hello, today let’s talk about Juice blenders, food processors, wall breakers and soy milk machines.

Wall-breaking machine and juicer, food processor, what is the difference, and how should we choose?

On this hot summer day, one’s favorite is to have a glass of ice-cold fruit juice, or a glass of milkshake, that would be very satisfying. In that case, buying it right away, results in a discovery: there are juicers, wall-breaking machines, food processors which all can be squeezed juice, in the ended choice, what is the difference?

That’s the point!

Let’s see their differences.

  • Wall Breaker VS food processer

Why compare the two first, because they are arguably the most similar in function:


Wall-breaking machine: it is mainly a super-power motor and high-speed blade to cooperate, thus breaking the food cell wall in the process of crushing, can be said to inherit the wall-breaking machine design structure and the main function;

food processor: the same is the use of a motor and blade to break up the food, but the food processor does not break the wall function, that is, it broken food is not a delicate wall-breaking machine.


Wall-breaking machine: it has all the functions. It can be said to be a combination and upgrade of a soybean milk machine, juice machine, Blender, food processor,  smoothie machine, etc. No matter whether it is thin or hard food can be crushed.

food processor: mainly soy milk, fruit juice, milkshake, grinding, meat and other functions, it can be said that is the juicer multi-upgrade version, but can not be crushed bones or other hard food. it is also called a blender.


Wall-breaking machine: ultra-high speed brings a full range of functions, so the speed is generally 30000-40000 rpm, of course, there are higher.

Food Processor: 18000-25000 rpm.


Wall-breaker: it can break down the cell walls of food, so the nutrients in food can be released better, especially for meat and other food materials that will be treated more carefully, than the food processer, the same food that the wall-breaker churns out is better absorbed and can increase absorption by more than 85%.

Food Processor: because of the rotating speed, the processing time of the food is longer, so the nutrients that can be released are less, and the taste of the food is not so delicate, at the same time, some of the food that has not been thoroughly crushed will remain together.

Power (efficiency)

Wall-breaking machine power can achieve the wall-breaking effect, which is the bright spot of wall-breaking machines, compared to traditional food processer efficiency is higher.


The wall-breaking machine is an automatic cleaning function, one-button cleaning can be done. The traditional cooking machine does not have this function.


Noise is related to the power of the motor and the speed of the blade. The higher the power and speed, the greater the noise, so the wall breaker will be noisier than the kitchen machine, but Littlety’s wall breaker is designed with noise reduction.


Wall-breaking machine container structure is very strong, the cup is high borosilicate glass, and life will be much longer than the food processor.

So from the wall-breaking machine and food processor, the wall-breaking machine is better!

  • Wall-breaking machine VS soya-bean milk machine

The power of the soymilk machine is generally in the range of 300-500W. The power is relatively small. The maximum speed of the soymilk machine is usually around 10,000 rpm. Some soymilk machines may have higher RPM. Its main function is to beat soymilk, some of which can also be beaten with corn milk and rice paste, etc.. The soybean milk produced is quite fragrant, but many of them need to be filtered twice, otherwise, there will be some residues. In addition, at present, there are a small number of soybean milk machines that have the function of beating coffee, cost-effective.

The power and speed of the wall-breaking machine are much larger than that of the soymilk machine. Its power is usually around 1000W, and its maximum speed can reach around 36000 rpm, the main function is still used to make soya-bean milk, fruit juice ground meat, shaved ice, pepper, congee and dry grinding, and no filter, but the price will be a bit more expensive.

In short, soya-bean milk machines and broken wall machines only suitable for their own use. If you only need to make soy milk and other juice products, then the choice of soy milk machine is the most appropriate, with good taste, and a moderate price; if you want to have it all, more functions, you can choose to buy broken wall machine.

  • Juicer vs Juicer(Slag-juice separation)

The Juicer(Slag-juice separation) is actually an upgraded version of the Juicer, so the Juicer(Slag-juice separation) is better than the Juicer in terms of function!

The biggest difference is whether there is juice residue separation.

Juicer(Slag-juice separation)  used more than a“Press” technology, you can do the juice residue separation, the juicer needs a screen, but the general separation is not comprehensive, and need secondary filtration.

Juicer(Slag-juice separation) is very simple, that is, the simple juice of vegetables; juicer in addition to making fruit juice vegetables, but also can make ice cream.

This is obvious, the juicer is much higher than Juicer(Slag-juice separation), the juicer is 7000-15000 rpm, Juicer(Slag-juice separation) is 70-80 rpm, but mainly because of the principle of difference.

In fact, noise, cleaning, Juicer(Slag-juice separation) and juicer are almost the same.

  • Wall breaker,Juicer(Slag-juice separation), food processer , Juicer Purchase Guide

1. Wall-breaking machine vs food processer: wall-breaking machine wins

Reason: the two between the function and the performance of the difference is not very big, if you want to choose a multi-functional machine, preferred a wall-breaking machine.

  • Juicer vs Juicer(Slag-juice separation)

If you like the taste to be better, simultaneously the oxidation degree is lower, chooses the Juicer(Slag-juice separation).

If you don’t care about taste, and want a low price, choose a juicer.

  • Wall Breaker VS Juicer VS Juicer(Slag-juice separation)

If you want something tasty, easy to clean, and quick to make, choose a wall breaker,

If you want to lower the noise, you can choose a noise-reducing design of a silent wall-breaking machine.

The wall-breaking machine is divided into noise-reducing wall-breaking machines, and no noise-reduction designs, the general noise-reduction design price will be relatively higher.

Choose a suitable wall-breaking machine, to focus on speed, heating power, Blade, cup body material, and whether there is turbulence design, for example, a Blade, generally 4-8 blades, divided into two kinds of a blunt knife and serrated, with curved design, curved design of the blade than the plane design in the quality and crushing better.


1, Wall Breaker: upgrade version of a high-speed, high-power food processor.

2, Food processor.: Blender

3, Juicer: through the blade juicer, need to filter

4, Juicer(Slag-juice separation): upgraded version of the Juicer, through the squeeze technology, to achieve the separation of juice residue

Above all, hope it helps.

Thank you.

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