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What IS A Small Home Appliance?

Small household appliances generally refer to electrical appliances other than high-power output, generally, these small household appliances are relatively small power consumption of resources, or the body size is also relatively small, so-called small household appliances.

To the use of small appliances, it can be divided into four categories:

Kitchen gadgets (this is Littlety’s main line)

From the fast pace of life, kitchen appliances make life more convenient and healthy.

It mainly includes an air fryer, electric kettle, electric cookhttps://littlety.net/er, Rice Cooker, electric cake case, pancake maker, disinfecting cupboard, juicer, electric chafing pot, microwave oven, multi-functional food processor, etc.

Home appliances

From the pursuit of quality of the living environment, so that they are more comfortable.

Mainly including electric fans, vacuum cleaners, heaters, humidifiers, air fresheners, water dispensers, water purifiers, and electric clothes dryers. Along with People’s continuous concern for health, this category as a whole presents rubbings fast, vertical characteristics. In recent years, the cross-border platform in the“Rise in fame”, but also let this sheer sub-category show vitality.

Small household appliances for personal life

From the pursuit of beauty, in order to make themselves happier, and more competitive in the workplace.

Mainly including hair dryers, electric shavers, electric iron, electric toothbrush, electronic beauty instrument, and Electronic Massagers.

Personal use of digital products

From the love of life, so that leisure time is more meaningful.

There are mainly MP3, MP4, Electronic Dictionary, Handheld Learning Machine, game machines, digital cameras, digital cameras, and so on.

Today, small household appliances have been integrated into most people’s homes, but often consumers in purchase small household appliances, as in the purchase of air-conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other large appliances to pay attention to their energy consumption level, but more concerned about function and price, for energy conservation is not too concerned. In fact, the power consumption of many small household appliances is no less than that of large household appliances. If you compare the power consumption per unit of time, the power consumption of many small household appliances even exceeds that of large household appliances.

Although small household appliances consume a lot of electricity, the national energy efficiency indicators for this category are not matched. Ms. Wang, a friend of the industry, said that there are many types of small household appliances, but the energy efficiency index of small appliances only a small number of categories, and drinking water, heater, soy milk machine and other household appliances, such as there is no clear energy efficiency label provisions. “There are so many types of small appliances that it is impossible to cover all of them,” she said. “The core of competition in the small appliance market is not yet environmental protection and energy conservation. Consumers are mainly looking at the price.”

With the expansion of the domestic market and the intensification of competition, small household appliance enterprises will develop more suitable products to meet the needs of the market, so as to achieve the goal of enhancing comprehensive competitiveness. With the help of the national energy-saving and Environmental Protection Policy, healthy and energy-saving household appliances are increasingly favored by consumers. Small household appliance enterprises are moving towards a “Low-carbon, energy-saving, healthy” direction, and our small household appliance industry will enter a new stage of development.

A few years ago, the industry has also appeared more problems: such as safety and Practicability, quality assurance, and marketing service system problems; small appliances are serious homogeneity, low innovation capacity; industry competition chaos, frequent price wars and so on. In recent years, small household appliance enterprises set up brand values, paid attention to product innovation, actively develop technology, adjust the relationship between quality and profit, pay attention to the establishment of an after-sales service system, gradually in all aspects of the qualitative overflight.

Littlety has been committed to close communication and cooperation with manufacturers, forming good relationships, and providing the best service for customers, to achieve a three-way win-win-win situation.

Different from traditional household appliances, the sales of small household appliances in China are still at a developing stage. With the increase in consumer demand, the types and quantities of small household appliances are increasing. The average profit margin of small household appliances is high, the income for the enterprise is also high. In the future, the profit margin and growth rate of small household appliances in the world will rise to about 30%.

It can be seen that the small home appliance market in the world is still on the rise. As a supplier, it is our mission to make sure of the quality.

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