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What Is An Absorption Minibar?

An absorption refrigerator is a kind of environmental protection high-tech product because does not use Freon, protect the atmospheric ozone layer, no compressor or any mechanical transmission part, the operation will not produce any noise, so it is praised as a “double green environmental protection products” by international environmental protection organizations. The core part is the refrigeration movement, a completely closed system made of steel tubes by bending, forming, combining, and welding.

  • Principle

Absorption refrigerators due to advanced technology and high technology content, although many hotels use a large number of, but the specific working principle is not understood by the general user, the working principle is described as follows:

The system is filled with ammonia, helium, and water in proportion. Ammonia is the refrigerant, water is the absorber, and helium is the diffuser. The movement directly uses the heat source as the motive force to promote refrigerant circulation to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The system uses the principle of thermosiphon to make the refrigeration system continue without any mechanical transmission.

Refrigeration movement working principle is: refrigeration movement is mainly composed of the generator, condenser, evaporator and other main components. Under the low partial pressure in the evaporator, the ammonia vapor diffuses to helium, and the helium in the generated ammonia and helium mixture releases ammonia gas in the absorber. The concentrated ammonia solution absorbed by water then enters the generator, which is heated by the working heat source. After heating, the ammonia vapor evaporates, the ammonia gas is cooled into ammonia by the condenser, and the ammonia water enters the evaporator again. Form again and again endothermic, exothermic reaction.



The whole circulation system is without any mechanical transmission, so no noise. Since only heat is needed to vaporize ammonia from ammonia water, a variety of energy sources can be used that cannot be achieved with compressors.

  •  Structure

The absorption refrigerator is composed of diffused absorption refrigeration movement and box and related accessories, its core part is the refrigeration movement, movement is made of some steel pipe by bending forming, the combination of welding, and fully closed system.

  • Use

Because of the special refrigeration principle of absorption refrigerators, resulting in their extremely quiet working state, especially suitable for use in the work noise requirements of more strict places, such as star hotel rooms, hospital wards, individual apartments and high-end office areas of the conference room and reception area.

  • Characteristics of absorption refrigeration from Littlety

No compressor, no Freon, no moving parts, completely silent.

Auto defrost, interior lED light.

Totally enclosed design without the need to add refrigerant for its whole life.

Easy transportation, no concern for slanting or placing upside down.

Low power consumption, supporting multi-voltage(DC12V.24VAC 110V.220V etc.

  • Absorption refrigerating installation requirements

Correct placement of the cooler, there should be no less than 5cm of space to ensure that the refrigeration system heat dissipation, if a built-in cooler place such as a hotel, the guesthouse need to have the sufficient cooling channel, as shown in Figure A, B, air inlet and outlet area of not less than 250cmAnd ensure the inlet and exhaust flow unimpeded, not placed in a sealed box.

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