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What Is An Air Circulator Fan?

Hello, today let’s talk about the air circulator fan.

Electric fans have become an essential household appliance in people’s daily life. It’s with low energy consumption, easy to use, low prices and other advantages, a wide range of applications, has been the recognition by the majority of consumers. Electric fans can be divided into table fans, wall fans, floor fans, ceiling fans, column fans, rotary fans, circular fans, etc.

Table-type fans are smart and beautiful, convenient to move; floor-type fans are beautiful in appearance and imposing, column-type fans are soft and natural, saving space; ceiling fans are large in air volume, suitable for larger rooms, the circulation fan gathers and enhances the air flowing speed, lets the wind blow farther, forms the indoor air circulation.

The air-cycle fan is a bit like a turbine engine on an airplane. Its main structure consists of a drive motor, a turbine fan, a guide grille, and a cylinder housing. Unlike ordinary fans, the air circulation fan can let the wind along a certain direction in a spiral-shaped blowing, as the fan blade agitation, eventually forming a spiral-shaped wind column. The wind from the air circulation fan is far away and has good directivity.

Below I compare the difference between the air circulation fan and the ordinary fan from several aspects.

1. Appearance

Common fan blade inclination angle is small, with no fairing, so the wind is often weak. Littlety air circulation fan uses a DC frequency conversion motor, large angle spiral fan blade and directional plastic wind guide cover, it will be strong spiral wind rectification convergence to the front , so that the wind blowing farther and more concentrated.

2. The air circulation fan can obviously accelerate the circulation of indoor air, which is beneficial to the rapid discharge of pollutants. From a practical life point of view, if the room is high in carbon dioxide concentration or the presence of contaminants such as formaldehyde, the use of an air circulation fan is naturally useful, the main secret lies in the“Vortex jet system”, which consists of the motor, the fan blades, and the shroud. This design helps to form more converging air ducts, thus increasing the distance and volume of Air Supply.

3. In addition, the use of the process found a detail, indoor potted plant leaves have been gently floating, from the side that indoor air is slightly flowing. With this flow of low-speed air, the human body will be very comfortable, and the brain has a continuous flow of air around slowly, constantly replenishing the surrounding air’s oxygen content, which is also useful for concentration.

As a relatively new category, circular fan caters to the needs of consumers for indoor air and environmental hygiene. In many tests, Littlety air circulation fan can effectively speed up the indoor airflow, help dirty gas emission, increase oxygen content. Not only create a healthier indoor air environment, but also make the home experience more comfortable.

And with the arrival of summer, air-conditioning use frequency is higher and higher, with the circulation fan, can also play a role in balancing indoor temperature, and improve the comfort of using air-conditioning, at a stroke.

Below we sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the air cycle fan, for your reference.


1, not direct blowing, more comfortable than ordinary fans.

2, can drive the airflow of the room, with the use of air conditioning, can let the room temperature balance.

3, let indoor and outdoor air circulation, to achieve better ventilation.

4, save space, than ordinary fan small, on the ground or table can be.


1, noise than ordinary fans some larger.

2, the price range is higher than the general fan.

Let’s take another look at the Littlety air cycle fan.

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