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What Is An Semiconductor Refrigerator?

Semiconductor refrigerators, also known as electronic refrigerators. Is a kind of refrigeration principle and the ordinary refrigerator completely different product, it uses a 40mm-square, 4mm-thick semiconductor chip to achieve refrigeration through efficient ring-shaped double-layer heat pipe heat dissipation and conduction technology and automatic variable pressure variable current control technology, known as the world’s smallest“Compressor.”.

Because the semiconductor refrigerator belongs to the electronic physics refrigeration, does not need the refrigeration working fluid and the mechanical movement component, thus completely solving the medium pollution and the mechanical vibration and so on mechanical refrigeration refrigerator can not solve the application question, and in the small capacity low-temperature refrigerator has more significant energy-saving characteristics of great development and promotion value.

Semiconductor electronic refrigeration, also known as thermoelectric refrigeration, or thermoelectric refrigeration, is the use of“Peltier effect” a refrigeration method, and compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration and the world’s three major refrigeration methods.

In 1843, Peltier connected two bismuth wires to each end of the copper wire. He connected the two bismuth wires to the positive and negative electrodes of a direct current power supply This phenomenon came to be known as the“Partesian effect”.

The physical principle of the“Peltier effect” is that the movement of a charge carrier in a conductor creates an electric current, and because the charge carrier is at different energy levels in different materials, when it moves from a high energy level to a low energy level, the excess heat is released. On the contrary, it needs to absorb heat from the outside (that is, the performance of refrigeration), so, “Semiconductor electronic refrigeration” the effect depends on the two materials of charge carrier movement energy level difference, that is, thermoelectric potential difference. Pure metals have good electrical and thermal conductivity, but very low refrigeration efficiency (less than 1%). The List of semiconductor materials has an extremely high thermoelectric potential and can be successfully used to make small thermoelectric chillers. After many experiments, scientists found: p-type semiconductor (Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3) and n-type semiconductor (Bi2te3-bi2se3) thermoelectric potential difference is the largest, the application of cold contacts can show a significant cooling effect.

The simple structure of the electronic refrigerator is: p-type semiconductor, n-type semiconductor, as well as copper plate, copper wire into a circuit, copper plate and wire only conductive role, circuit by 12 V DC power supply, after connecting the current, one joint cools (inside the refrigerator), and the other joint radiates heat (back radiator)


1. No mechanical transmission parts, no wear, no noise, long life

2. No refrigerant refrigeration (compression and absorption type are required), absolute environmental protection

3, high efficiency, low power consumption (under 100W, power consumption is only half of compression and absorption)

Four. Because of the use of chillers, semiconductor refrigerators can be made to any size, and even USB-powered refrigerators appear.


1. The refrigeration temperature is related to the ambient temperature (usually 20 degrees below the ambient temperature) and can not make ice (this problem can also be solved by multi-stage chillers in series, but after the series must strengthen the heat dissipation, otherwise easy to burn chillers)

2. Refrigerator capacity can not exceed 100 liters (more than 100 liters, its cooling effect, power consumption increase)

3. Because of the cooler side of the heat, and more heat, so the use of cooling equipment, which also increases the cost of semiconductor refrigerators, if the use of fans, will also increase power consumption, resulting in a slight noise.

4. The cost of semiconductor refrigerators is high when they are used to make larger refrigerators, which is not conducive to large-scale promotion.


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