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What Is The Difference Between The Air fryer And The Oven?

Hello Everyone, today I will tell you the differences between an oven and an air fryer.

How does an air fryer work?

Air Fryer is through the heat pipe inside the high-temperature heating machine, then produces hot air, and then uses its own fan, the high-temperature air will be blown to the airtight pot with constant convection circulation, so as to achieve the effect of heating food. This heating method can make food dehydrated at the same time, the use of food itself achieves a similar effect to oil frying, so the food made although no oil, but also has a deep-fried feeling. In the past, when we make fried food, are using a variety of oil as a medium for heat conduction, so the food will contain a lot of fat, was not easy to digest, relatively high calories, so not suitable for long-term consumption. The Air Fryer is advertised as a way of frying without a drop of oil.

This works by taking advantage of the fatty properties of the food itself. If the food itself has no oil, it sucks out less fat and tastes worse. Although the air fryer can be advertised without putting a drop of oil in it, there are some foods in the cooking process that, if they really don’t put a drop of oil in, then the taste will also be affected to a certain extent. Compared to real fried food, the Air Fryer is only seven percent similar in taste.

The difference between an air fryer and an oven

A lot of friends in the air fryer after understanding how it works, the air fryer is a simple plate oven with a fan, so does that mean the air fryer is not as good as the oven? Let’s take a look at the difference between an air fryer and an oven.

  • Different capacity

There is a big difference in the capacity between an air fryer and an oven. Generally speaking, the capacity of an air fryer on the market can only be around 3 to 4 liters, and the largest can only reach 5 to 6 liters.

The ovens on the market generally had a larger capacity. Even the simplest ovens had a capacity of around 30 liters. In this way, everyone would find that the capacity of the ovens was much larger than that of the Air Fryers.

Ovens have an advantage when you have a large family or need to cook something big.

The oven doesn’t produce hot air to dehydrate the food, so the food that comes out of the oven will taste juicier, and the food will taste different.

  • It takes different times to cook food

When using the air fryer to make food, do not need to preheat, because the air fryer itself is small capacity, so hot air in the fan under the drive can achieve the effect of rapid warming.

But because the oven doesn’t have the heat convection effect of a fan, and it has a large capacity, it needs to be preheated for a period of time before working, that is, cooking the same food, the oven takes longer than the air fryer.

  • The temperature control ability is different

Air Fryers use hot air circulation to heat food, so the temperature control scope is relatively narrow, and temperature restrictions, so can produce food not very rich.

The oven is more accurate and has a wider range of temperature control, not only for making food but also for fermenting food, thawing, and drying, it is relatively more functional.

In other words, what an air fryer can make can be done in a food oven, but what an oven can make in a food air fryer can not.

To sum up, Air Fryers are not the same as ovens. If you prefer fried foods, then air fryers are recommended, but if you also want to make some dessert or bake, then the function of the oven will be more in line with our choice.

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