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What Makes a Good Hotel?

Goethe said, “The reason why people love to travel is not to reach the destination, but to enjoy the pleasures of the journey.” The quality of the experience determines the quality of the trip, the most important of which is the quality of the hotel accommodation, a good hotel can not only ease the journey of fatigue, but also add surprise to the journey.

So, how to choose a good hotel? How to choose a hotel according to your needs? What kind of hotel is more attractive?

  • Location

When buying a house, often say three main points“Location, location, or location.”. Choosing a hotel is not as over-the-top, but the location is still a factor. Whether it’s a“Trip” or a“Business trip,” a hotel usually stays within 10 minutes of the destination and is close to the subway and train stations, this location ensures that the guest has strong selection flexibility.

Guests can either go to the hotel directly after the stop, or they can choose to return to the hotel at the end of the trip. Leave plenty of time for rest and relaxation, instead of spending a lot of time on the road, to make travel easier and more leisurely.

Imagine if you choose a hotel that is far away from your destination, it will cost you a lot of time. Under the fatigue of traveling, it will undoubtedly reduce your interest in traveling.

  • Safety

“Go Out, safety first” is the family before we go out often exhort a word. Although most hotel security and sanitary facilities are very good, but the“Security” of this element in the second place must have its reasons.

Now, the epidemic has been controlled, but still need to pay attention to selecting daily disinfection, the temperature of the hotel, only more assured.

In addition, if the hotel is newly opened, paying attention to its formaldehyde index is excessive. Although the new hotel is comfortable to stay in, it is safe to choose a hotel that has been decorated for two or three years.

In addition, if the young girls go out alone, can not simply choose a low-cost hotel. The price of the upper-middle location of the hotel, relative to the people around the lower probability of chaos, can be more reliable.

  • Service

“Feel at home” is the service tenet of many hotels, from decoration to decoration, and then to guest service, whether it is chain hotels or brand hotels are striving to pursue such service effect.

Choosing a good-service hotel can let travel add a lot of human warmth. This is especially true when you stay in a hotel for long periods of time. Imagine that every time you go out and come back, the room will be completely refreshed. Your shoes will be neatly placed, the food you haven’t finished eating will be covered with paper lids, and the clothes on the sofa will be neatly arranged. That feeling, not to mention how comfortable.

This is especially true when dining in a restaurant, where service is served with a smile and waiters move around the table to collect the plates in time. A good dining environment can let the human feel placed oneself in an elegant high-grade dining room. Add a surprise to the trip.

  • Cost-effective

You can choose a night in one or two thousand luxury five-star hotel, in a comfortable environment to enjoy a high standard of service, this is the icing on the cake.

Having said that, in the end, or“How much money to do as much”, according to their own spending power to choose a hotel is practical.

You can also choose a night at an economically ordinary hotel, under the premise of ensuring safety, and comfort, enjoy a pleasant vacation.

In addition, it is worth reminding that in the choice of hotel, pay attention to whether the hotel can be canceled before 12 o’clock that day for free. To avoid unnecessary losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

What we seem to be missing is how the hotel enhances the comfort and satisfaction of its guests after they check-in.

First, the taste is ideal.

The smell of the hotel, when entering the hotel will wake up the first time, good or Bad feels. In recent years, many hotels have adopted the so-called olfactory recognition system, which, like the visual recognition system, perfumes the hotel to enhance the guest’s pleasure index, and emphasizes the difference from other hotels. In my opinion, a pleasant smell in a hotel is good, no harm, but must not have a bad smell. I was once blacklisted for entering a hotel when I was fumigated by the strong smell of the elevator.

The bed must be comfortable.

The bed was where we spent most of our time in the hotel-the right level of softness, the comfort of the pillows, the snug softness of the blankets, the devil in the details. And those demons in the hotel bed determine what kind of mood you’ll be fighting tomorrow. In my opinion, most bad hotels die in bed.

Wifi must be fast.

Business, without a network, it is difficult to achieve business. But half a day does not go up, needs the left call right call technical personnel to help the net, and chirps whine to collect money the net, is the business hotel’s great failure. Fast as lightning, simple as an idiot can also access the Internet, is our minimum requirement for business hotels.

Four, towels! More than one.

Clean, brand-new, thick, soft bath towels, is also can not find at home beauty, but also the necessary condition of a good hotel. The paste after a hot bath is thick and soft enough to soothe a traveler’s weary heart.

Diversity of room service.

Travel is the most afraid of eating alone, especially missed meal time alone, which often attracts sympathetic eyes. So a long menu, and full-time service without waiting for him to fall asleep, is a warm stomach, a warm heart of a major element.

Room electrical appliances.

If you have a mini-fridge in your guest room or even a completely silent mini-fridge, you go back to your room at the end of the day and have a cold coke, especially the hotels in the seaside and other tourist cities, it was really a happy thing, and now many women’s skin care products are also to be kept in low temperature, is really kill two birds with one stone, indispensable.


Now the hotel room safe has also become an indispensable part of the general hotel supplies, it can ensure that customers go out, to ensure the safety of inconvenient carry-on valuables, so that customers are more at ease, and now the safe can be fingerprint unlocked, or connect to the phone Bluetooth, let the estimated degree of security to improve a level.


If small refrigerators and safes were to be used in slightly higher-end hotels, then hairdryers should be indispensable in any hotel. However, now that competition is fierce, the requirements for hair dryers are not low, littlety offers the small, beautiful, fast-drying hair dryers that are popular at home.


With the development of the economy, People’s life becomes more convenient and food is readily available, but we often neglect health and balance problems, leading to excessive eating, and more oil and salt, it’s a burden on the body, and there’s a lot of health awareness out there, but it’s not about being thin, it’s about body fat percentage, so Littlety launched the body fat scale, and so, the hotel’s Gym and swimming pool should also be used more frequently.


There are also many electrical appliances used in hotel rooms, such as alarm clocks, telephones, and water kettles. These essential items on the hotel calendar are becoming more and more convenient and more in line with the actual needs of customers, only when the hotel continues to strengthen the meaning of customers, from the perspective of customers to understand the market, hotel satisfaction will naturally become higher and higher.

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