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What Will You Choose: The One That Looks Better or The One That Works Better?

Economy, economy, economy. The economy has allowed us to live our lives at a rapid pace, and many things are not only functional but are also highly valued for their appearance.

Today is such a beauty age, and “Beauty is the first productive force” even spread. Why do you say that? Because the appearance design often determines the first impression of the consumer, if the appearance of the product is high enough, then it is easy to attract the attention of the consumer, so as to have a more in-depth understanding of the product, but the appearance of the product is not enough, consumers may turn a blind eye or even be blacklisted.

Obviously, the appearance value of home appliance products is really very important. In the past, the appearance design is only one of the factors of choice for household appliances, but now, appearance is ranked in the front of the selection factors, why such a change? Some industry experts believe that the reasons for such changes are diverse.

The rise of Generation Z groups(Young people born in the Internet age). The first reason, of course, is the rise of Generation Z groups. In front of these post-95, post-00 young consumers, life is rich and colorful, and the way to view the world is also varied of, in addition to the focus on product functions, product appearance is also an important indicator to measure the product, but also a reasonably advanced indicator. High appearance, to meet the understanding of Life Z era, and personality publicity, and even can be said, high appearance, is a kind of consumption symbol of Generation Z.

Second, the aesthetic changes of the times. Times have changed, and so have aesthetics. In the new era of aesthetics, the aesthetic concept of diversity is breaking the traditional stereotype. In the past, home appliance products were mostly in the daily style, and they were relatively homogenous. Many home appliance products were put together and even seemed to be produced by a single manufacturer. Now, the appearance design should also pay attention to style and aesthetic feeling, With a variety of design styles, it is easier to produce good-looking works, and manufacturers are more willing to try new design concepts, so as to show the beauty of product details.

The emergence of social communication. The rise of e-commerce and social media platforms has changed the way products are distributed and brought consumers closer to home appliance brands. For good-looking products, consumers are more likely and prefer to share them through social platforms. Moreover, in some exhibitions and stores, consumers also like to take photos with good-looking home appliances, “Punch” as a souvenir, or in the social platform published product use experience, which virtually formed product marketing and dissemination.

I think, in the Beauty Age, the beauty of household appliances products is undoubtedly important, the “Beauty is the first productivity” in this sentence, does not necessarily come to the right. From the perspective of the industry, technology is still the primary productivity, and beauty is an important factor in consumer choice. For today’s home appliance manufacturers, attention to product design is a matter of course, but in any case, in improving the product, but also to improve product quality and technology, otherwise, just empty a fancy shelf, there is no practical value. Products eventually return to use, so looks are important, but quality and function are essential.

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