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Why The Small Home Appliances More and More?

Today I tell you about my home appliances.

My baby was born in 2016. When he was a child, he had to drink milk powder. We all know that milk powder has a requirement on temperature, and it needs to be controlled within 40 degrees to maintain the nutrition of milk powder. But when the child is hungry, he cries, this time you only have boiling water, and the mother is more anxious than the child, if you try to use cold water and warm water blending, you can also guarantee every time can be 40 degrees, in case too hot and cold? Introduced by a friend I bought a thermostat kettle, I think this is my first home appliance.

Since my child was 8 months old and needed a supplement, I bought a second gadget: a blender, which crushes vegetables like broccoli and carrots, I would also ground up avocado and mixed yogurt, before the rise of small appliances in China, that is not every household would buy, and probably only those with infants and toddlers.

Later, as the children grew up, the food they ate became more diversified and gradually became more picky. As a mother, I had to change food every day. However, it was known to everybody, breakfast in China is very troublesome, such as dumplings, it goes from buying the ingredients to mixing the filling to making it, to cooking it, at last, you can hardly tell if the child will like it or not eat it at all, so I’ll occasionally try a western breakfast, like a hamburger, sandwiches, which are convenient for housewives, and I’ve found that most kids like them, with eggs, shrimp, sliced ham, and salad dressing, they look bright and full of flavor. By this time there was already a breakfast machine, which could fry eggs on a small device, Bacon, and then, with the pressure of a couple of iron plates, make a sandwich in an instant, without having to look at it all the time, I was afraid that it would burn or that it would catch fire, because the machine had an automatic power cut, and now I think back to how much time the machine saved me from losing my mind.

When my kids went to kindergarten, I had more time for myself. I would meet my best friend for tea and coffee during the day. Instant Coffee was not enough for me anymore, at this time a set of automatic coffee machines into my realization saved my wallet and mouth, and even let me have the impulse to open a coffee shop, because it is too convenient and affordable, you can drink coffee from a coffee shop at home.

No Child doesn’t like KFC, but fried food is bad for their health. In China, almost every child goes to KFC. Their parents will only give them french fries and egg tarts, the Air Fryer was made for these two foods, so I didn’t hesitate to buy an air fryer that didn’t look very beautiful and I always spent my weekends preparing snacks like French fries, egg tarts, and chicken wings for my kids, the child’s mouth was greatly satisfied. It made me very proud, you know, I made sure I didn’t put any oil in it.

I also have a lot of small electrical appliances at home, these small things, not only the appearance is beautiful, let a person see pleasing to the eye, but also greatly enhance the sense of happiness in life, a lot of complicated things to a specific small appliance there, it was all so easy to turn kitchen whitey into a food blogger. There was no need to wait in line or go to noisy stores, just be quiet and enjoy everything.

So, a small home appliance(Littlety) really makes life better, I believe that every person will feel like me.

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